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    iPhone 3G Replacement Touch Panel, Digitizer Glasstop. This is a replacement Touch Panel for the iPhone 3G. If you cracked your touch panel on your iPhone this will allow you to replace that part and repair the crack on the screen. The Touch Panel is the top glass that your finger touches when you are using the screen on the iPhone. This is not the part that displays the image under the glass top. How to Tell Which Screen Replacement Part You Need For The iPhone 3G Does NOT Include any of the following Items with this part: Home Button, Earpiece, Adhesive Kit, Tools & Plastic Frame. ALL SALES ARE FINAL - NO WARRANTY, NO REFUND, NO RETURN & NO EXCHANGE.
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    iPhone 3G Replacement LCD Screen. This is just the LCD and does not include the touch panel or any other parts. The LCD is the screen part that is under the touch panel or top glass that you touch. It is responsible for the image display. How to Tell Which Screen Replacement Part You Need For The iPhone 3G *PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A SMALL CHANGE IN THE VIDEO FOR THE INSTALL OF THIS PART. THE LCD WILL ARRIVE WITHOUT THE METAL/SILVER BACKING/FRAME. JUST REMOVE THE METAL/SILVER FRAME FROM THE BAD LCD AND MOVE IT TO THE NEW LCD ASSEMBLY. THE METAL FRAME IS HELD TO THE LCD WITH A DOUBLE SIDED TAPE ON THE BACK OF IT.
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