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    5-Piece Tool Kit for all iPad models. Hard plastic material, Handy for iPad dis-assembly, Great for repairing your iPad Package Includes: - 1 x Philips Screwdriver - 1 x T4 Torx Screwdriver - 1 x Extra Wide Case Opener Tool - 2 x Suction cup
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    HTC X515E Replacement Touch Panel / DigitizerThis is the Touch Panel for the HTC X515E. The touch panel is the glass front that you touch with your finger this is also the most common part that cracks on the phone. The touch panel is a technical electronic glass front. This is not the part that displays the icons and images. This only includes the Touch Panel aka glass front for this model phone.
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    Screen Adhesive Kit for the iPod Touch 4g, Top and Bottom Kit. Compatible with iPod Touch 4G Only Model #A1367. Use this adhesive kit to reassemble the iPod Touch after a screen replacement or battery repair. This adhesive kit was designed and custom laser cut in using the superior Adhesive tape. Our custom adhesive kits are designed to be much easier to install and hold better than any other adhesive kit. This is the best adhesive kit you can buy!
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